Atlanta Fall Break Events Part 2

The second day of my fall break was much more action packed. The day started off with an 8:30 Soul Cycle class at Ponce City Market. This was my first time participating in a soul cycle class and I absolutely loved it! It had such a welcoming and energetic vibe. Plus, the building was all decorated for Atlanta Pride Parade this weekend. We had to wear specific cycling shoes and the employees were super helpful with adjusting the stationary bikes. Our instructor was wonderful. She played very upbeat workout music that definitely woke me up. She guided us through workouts with different intensities. We also did a whole segment of weight lifting on the bikes and then some stretches afterwards. The entire time, she was encouraging us with motivational phrases and told us to focus on ourselves and let the stress fall away. The entire hour went by so fast and I actually enjoyed every second of the exercise. Our instructor definitely made exercising less painful.

Following our very intense workout, we went to Pancake Social which was also located at Ponce City Market. It had a very diner like vibe. I ordered the PS Pancake Plate with a buttermilk pancake, sausages, and scrambled eggs. While there was a line to order the food, the wait for food was super short. I completely devoured my food. I highly recommend this place for a post workout brunch.

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