Atlanta Fall Break Events Part 1

During this fall break, one of my friends flew from Arizona to join me in Atlanta for a few days. This meant that I could excitedly put on my Atlanta tour guide hat and show her around. During our first day, we hit two of my favorite places: Atlanta Botanical Garden and World of Coca Cola.

  1. Atlanta Botanical Garden

This would have been the third time I have been to the garden in one year. I have previously gone for their spring orchid exhibit and their winter holiday lights. This time to celebrate fall, the garden had a scarecrow and Alice In Wonderland exhibit. They had different kinds of scarecrows placed all over the park. There was even one playing Quidditch. For the Alice in Wonderland exhibit, they had a centerpiece and then another adjacent exhibit with chess pieces and cards.

I would have to say that this garden is my absolute favorite part of Atlanta. I love walking through the shade and admiring all the beautiful flowers. I love the grass sculptures and the conservatory. It is quite funny to see desert plants outside of Arizona.

2. World of Coca Cola

This was my first time going to World of Coca Cola even though I have lived in Atlanta for three years now. Thankfully, there was a student discount and it only cost $10 to go. The experience started off with a free Coke, and a 6 minute video talking about sharing moments with Coke. Then we went to different exhibits such as “The Vault” where they talked about the secret ingredients. The best part was the Tasting room. They had drinks from different countries in Asia, Africa, North America, and Latin America. Some fo the drinks were plain gross while others were surprisingly refreshing.

Both of these places are very family friendly and also a super fun getaway for college students!

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