Why I love Taylor Swift, and so should you

I grew up listening to Taylor Swift. I saw her rise to fame and how she managed to build an empire for herself. It is pretty amazing that even after several years later, she still is the queen of pop. I saw her transition from country to pop music and I know that some people may disagree with this but I truly think that her pop songs are better. She has amazing vocals and her lyrics are extremely clever. I have to admit that in each album, there are probably one or two songs that I am not the biggest fan of. Ironically enough, they are usually the released singles for the albums. My favorite songs are the ones that are the most underrated. Most importantly, her songs are relatable. The “Lover” album was my anthem when I went through my breakup. It was on repeat for a full week after its release. I especially love the songs “Cruel Summer”, “Death by a Thousand Cuts” and “Afterglow”. The songs conveyed my emotions and made me realize that every one goes through heart break. I thought it would be painful to listen to love songs but it actually made me feel better because of the added pop touch.

During high school and college, I loved albums such as 1989 and Reputation. They helped me get through crushes and emotional ups and downs. I actually had the opportunity to see her 1989 concert in Glendale, Arizona. It was honestly one of the best concerts I have been to. She makes each audience member feel so welcome and loved. She takes the time to talk to the audience and performs each song with such passion and effort. I still have the 1989 shirt I bought along with the glow up bracelet that she gave each audience member. I went with my mom, sister and neighbor. After the concert, my voice was gone because I was singing along with her. Unfortunately, that was the last Taylor Swift concert I have been able to go to because her tour dates have not lined up with my school schedule. My favorite songs off of 1989 are “I Wish You Would”, “Wildest Dreams”, and “All You Had to do was Stay”. I also loved “Delicate” and “Dress” from Reputation. Thankfully, she had a Netflix Special were she shared the Reputation tour concert with the rest of the world.

Besides her music, I also have lots of respect for her as a person. I love how she stands up for herself against haters. I love how much confidence she has. It is definitely not easy to constantly be in the spotlight and have your love life publicized. Despite all of this, she handles her fame with grace.

If this article doesn’t convince you enough to listen to Taylor Swift, then please go listen to one of her albums. I am sure that that will change your mind.

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