Some super cool hobbies

Since this is a personal blog, I want to share some of my hobbies over the years. As a college student, it is super hard to balance everything. However, I always try to make time for my hobbies as it helps me relax and destress.

  1. Photography

I have been taking pictures since I got an iPhone in high school. I recently upgraded to the iPhone XS and I have been inseparable. I absolutely love the portrait mode and I am usually the designated photography of my friend group. I take pictures of everything from food to landscape to people. I have a vsco where I post most of my pictures along with my Afterlight webpage.

2. Writing

If it isn’t clear already, I love writing. Since 6th grade, I write in a journal everyday. I have at least a dozen notebooks containing my childhood adventures, travels, and milestones. This year I upgraded to electronic journaling using my Google Drive. It is just more convenient for me as a college always on the go. My blog is mainly for stories that I want to share with the world and contain posts that are much less private. I also have contributed to sites such as the Odyssey and Metiza. I am currently writing for Her Campus Emory. Two of my most recent articles for Her campus include “29Rooms: Expand Your Reality-A Basic Girl’s Insta-Heaven” and “Review of Four Weddings and a Funeral (Kaling edition)” .

3. Art

I have had a passion for art since I was a young girl. I took art classes here and there but didn’t get into art till high school. I still remember begging my mom to let me take Drawing and Painting in high school. I looked forward to this class every day. I love learning about how to draw still life using colored pencils, portraits using charcoal, and how to water color landscapes. Art allows me to express my creativity using a different outlet. When I was back home this summer, my neighbor and I did watercolor for several hours. It was so much fun and it made me feel nostalgic for my childhood. Doing art definitely takes the most time out of all my hobbies and I can only do it about a few times a year.

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