Two more fall events in Atlanta

This week I attended two super fun events in Atlanta with my roommate. Each event I go to, I fall more in love with my city.

  1. Live in Woodruff Park: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

This event was held at Woodruff Park near Georgia State. It was a free movie screening of one of my favorite movies. It also had a beautiful skyline backdrop. It was my first outdoor movie experience. Surprisingly, there were no bug outside and the weather was perfect. In front of us, there was actually a couple with a pig on a leash. Watching people play with the pig was quite entertaining. We stayed for about an hour for the movie. There were also a bunch of cute cafes such as Kung Fu Tea near by which is super convenient for a quick bite.

2. Atlanta International Night Market

This fair-like event was held at Alpharetta, Georgia about 30 minutes north of Emory’s campus. It is a three day event with different themes each day. When we went, it had a taste of Latin American theme. There were several rows of food vendors and cultural merchandise. We saw tents selling different kinds of food ranging from Thai to Chinese to Jamaican. We also saw a Korean beauty tent, dessert such as Matcha, and a Latin American dance performance. We paid an extra $5 to watch Chinese acrobats and a lantern gallery. I have seen several Chinese acrobat performances but this one was definitely worth the money. We saw a girl balance a table with just her toes and a guy throw a stick with fire on both ends. I highly recommend this event. It was so fun and a nice breather from midterms studying. We got pad thai and bbq pork sticks from a Thai place that also sold octopus sticks. We also got nitro oolong passionfruit and rose tea. The pictures are of the octopus sticks, our nitro drinks, and the lanterns.

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