The Internship Search Process

Fall is here. That can mean many things from leaves changing color to Halloween to the beginning of sweater weather. However, for many college students, fall means the beginning of the summer internship process. This process actually started during late summer but it can last all the way till spring. The bulk of this process is during fall semester though. This is my first time participating in fall recruiting and it is stressful.

I attended my first career fair at my school. I was incredibly overwhelmed by all the students and all the employers. I had to use my time wisely and speak with the companies I had the greatest shot at and I was most interested in. I dressed up nicely with blazer, blouse, dress pants to black flats. I spent three hours handing out resumes and talking to different representatives. I learned so much more and realized that companies are also interdisciplinary. At the end of the career fair, I acquired several blisters around my ankles along with brochures from companies. I discovered just how useful career fairs are. It is incredibly difficult to take to recruiters one on one just through the online application process. However, in person you can make a much better impression.

Since this summer, I have been using LinkedIn and Handshake to apply for different jobs. Some companies have external applications in addition to the resume submission on both those sites. Some require you to make an account (ex. Workday) with the company so that you can check the application status. I learned how to write my first cover letter and how to customize it to different companies. I did research on companies’s mission statements and thoroughly examined their websites. The application process is different from the college admission process in that instead of essays, you have various kinds of online assessments instead. These assessments can range from cognitive testing to personality to coding challenges.

The most important lesson I learned from fall recruiting was how to prep for interviews. My first few interviews were one-way video interviews. This was the first time I have ever had to do something like this. I am used to group or Skye interviews. It was very odd for me to record myself answering questions. I learned how to use the best lighting and how to take advantage of the 2 minute response window. I also learned how to prep for in person interviews with recruiters. I had a mock interview with my career center which helped a lot and I also did over 50+ sample interview questions on my own.

I hope that as a result of my hard work, I can land an internship for summer 2020. I hope my internship experience can help others.

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