Alternatives to Coffee to make it through Stressful Times

College midterms season is rough. With exams and essays for almost every class, everything can seem super overwhelming. You probably are in a constant state of tiredness because of staying up super late to study. In addition, you’re probably drinking lots of caffeine. I know that probably the easiest way to stay up is to drink coffee. However, coffee has any bad impacts on your health. For most of college except for very desperate times, I try to stay away from coffee. Here are some alternatives.

  1. Take a nap

Power naps can do wonders and make you more productive afterwards. However a power nap is no more than 90 minutes or 1 REM cycle. It is important to not sleep more than or else you could be more groggy and tired.

2. Drink cold or iced water

This will help keep you healthy and hydrated. There is nothing wrong with drinking lots of water. The iced part helps wake you up.

3. Go on a run

This tip was also mentioned in another article I wrote called ” Some self care tips” . Going on a run in nature especially can get the blood flowing and raise your spirits. It lets you relax and think about something else besides your work. It is important to be mentally and physically healthy.

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