Best Places to eat on Buford Highway in Georgia

Buford Highway is home to some of the best Asian food in Georgia and has over half a dozen plazas with the most authentic Chinese and Korean dishes and desserts. It is about a 20 minute drive from campus. Whenever I miss my parent’s home-cooked Chinese food, I always try to make a trip to Buford Highway with my friends. Here are the best three places I have gone to this month.

  1. Food Terminal

I absolutely love the menu. It is written in a magazine format with pictures for almost every dish. The cuisine is a fusion of Chinese and Malaysian food. Their desserts are from Sweet Hut which is also to die for. My favorite is their wonton noodle dish. In addition, they also deliver using Chowbus.

2. Matcha Cafe Maiko

This is hands down my favorite dessert place on Buford. I got the matcha special with a mix of matcha and vanilla ice cream, mochi balls, chestnuts, corn flakes, and jelly. I devoured this dish in less than 15 minutes.

3. LanZhou Ramen

This restaurant’s specialty is hand pulled noodles. You can even watch them make your noodles from scratch through a window. I got the shrimp hand pulled noodle dish and I finished it so quickly. It was way better than ramen or pho and the broth was just right not too bland and not too salty. My friend and I also tried fried chive pancakes which was very similar to the ones that my mom makes at home.

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