Some Self-Care Tips

This semester has been the busiest semester of my life. I recently just switched majors, joined three new clubs along with a research lab, and moved into a new apartment. I have been also trying to meet new people and spending time with old ones. However, it is easy to get lost among all the craziness and forget to take care of yourself. Here are some tips on how I stay healthy and balance it all.

  1. Exercise

This semester, I am enrolled in this course called Aerobic Resistance Training. Before the class, I didn’t know what these three words meant. Now after about a month in, I realize that it encompasses running, core buildup, leg strengthening, and weight lifting. Each class, we do a combination of exercises and running. Thankfully, running isn’t as bad cause it is on the indoor track. I have also learned so many new exercising techniques such as Russian twist, squat jacks, ankle touches, toy soldiers, bear crawl, and the goblet weight lifting workout. With this class taking two times a week, I definitely feel a lot more physically strong. In addition, it mentally wakes me up and makes me more productive. I now value exercise and try to sneak a trip to gym whenever I can.

2. Sleep at least 8 hours a night

Almost every week day, I don’t make it back to my apartment till at least 6pm. It is pretty exhausting to have to do a couple hours of school work after a day of classes and research. I have been implementing this new schedule where I got bed at 12pm at the latest and then wake up at 8:45am. If I don’t finish everything at night, I will finish the rest in the morning before my classes start at 10. You can’t really be productive when you are half asleep at night.

3. Try to stay away from caffeine

During the first two years of college, I really depended on chai lattes and coffee to help me get through the day. In hindsight, I think the caffeine rushes actually ruined my sleep schedule and made me less productive. This year, I have cut out every type of caffeine drink and mainly drink water and milk. I feel more refreshed and able to grind for longer periods of time.

4. Know when to have fun

The weekends are for catching up on sleep, doing school work, and having fun. Every weekend, I try to do at least something fun and non school related with my friends. Whether it is going to a farmers market or a movie, I love being able to just shut off work for a little while. On the weekends, I can just take a step back and relax for a little while. Plus, I love being able to hear what my friends have been up to each week.

5. Take a walk outside

Usually when I am super stressed, I like to walk around my apartment complex. Luckily for me, there is a bunch of nice walkways and trees. It feels so nice to absorb some vitamin D and feel the wind blowing through my hair. Some days when I really need to seek sanctuary in nature, I take a stroll at Lullwater park right next to my school. Its forest atmosphere features a bridge, graffiti tower and a waterfall. I have yet to go this year but I took a lot of walks during my first two years there.

I hope these tips are helpful!

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