Fall Events in Atlanta

Each semester, I fall in love with Atlanta all over again. Often times, it hits me at random times just how lucky I am to live in a metropolitan city that highlights Southern hospitality. Even after two full years here, I still find new places to explore. During the first month of school, I have attended two events that were incredibly memorable.

  1. Atlanta Lantern Parade on Beltline

Every fall, the Atlanta Lantern Parade takes place in Midtown Atlanta. People can walk along the Beltline from Krog Street Market to Piedmont park and show off their homemade lanterns to the public. My friend and I camped out at the midpoint at Ponce City Market to watch this glorious parade. We loved seeing brightly colored lanterns of different sizes pass by. Some lanterns were sponsored by companies others were created from scratch. My favorites included the food and animal ones. This is definitely an event for all ages.

2. Grant Park Farmers Market

My friend and I absolutely love trying new foods and farmers markets. Emory has its own farmer’s markets with about 10 vendors each Tuesday. However, there is not much variety. We decided to try Grant Farmers Market located next to Freedom Park. This was a little bit bigger than the Emory one. They had about a dozen or so tents. We tried two pastries from Little Tart Bakeshop and Hibiscus tea from Banjo coffee. I would definitely come back here if it wasn’t so far away from campus.

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