What college has taught me about myself

A month into my junior year of college, it has hit me how much I have changed over the past two years. It’s pretty crazy that I have become hardened by the ups and downs of the college lifestyle. Everyday, I think about my post graduate life and how I am one step closer to the adult real world. I learned so much about what I want to do for my career and absolutely love my professors, classmates, and of course friends. Most importantly, I discovered myself. I found my passion. I found my people. I found me. Here are just some lessons that I have learned:

  1. Put yourself first

All of my life, I really cared about what other people thought about me. I always wanted to fit in. However, when I came to college, I realized that it is totally okay to be yourself. The pressure of fitting in no longer mattered. The popularity concept that students valued so much in high school no longer existed. In fact, I realized that people respect you more when you are comfortable with yourself.

2. You can’t do it all alone

The path to success is hard and you have to seek out every opportunity and build your network. Be friends with everyone. You never know you may end having several classes with someone or you may end up working with them in the future. Try not to cut ties with everyone. Take full advantage of all the help that the career professionals offer and go to career fairs. And of course, don’t forget about your family. They are the ones there for you during everything and your number one cheerleaders.

3. Do what you want

You will never be able to experience the freedom that is given in college again. You can choose your own schedule, what clubs you want to participate in, when to take naps, and when to binge watch TV. You no longer have to ask your parents for everything.

4. Prioritizing is key

It is super easy to get lost in all the craziness of college. There are definitely plenty of stressful and overwhelming times. However, when you take a step back and prioritize, almost everything things not as bad.

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