Best restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona

Diego Pops

This is my favorite Mexican place in Scottsdale. I absolutely adored the decorations. They had brightly colored Jarritos lined up against pineapple neon wallpaper. They also had signs displaying catchy phrases such as “If you don’t like tacos then I’m ‘nacho’ type”. I loved their prickly pear tea. I tried the shrimp and salmon taco as shown below. They were definitely better than your average tacos. This is the place to go for tacos and tequilas on the weekend.

Culinary Dropout

This is located by Scottsdale Waterfront. The interior of this restaurant seems super fancy but the food is actually quite affordable. I have tried a bunch of their dishes such as their Mac Burger and Kale and Shrimp Salad. Their monkey bread dessert makes me drool every time. I have included pictures of these dishes below.

Tocaya Organica

This is a brand new restaurant located right next to Fashion Square. It is unique because it serves healthy Mexican fusion dishes. I tried the Summer Love Salad. Its ingredients included strawberries, pomegranates, almonds, lettuce, corn, chicken, cucumbers. It was honestly probably one of the best and healthiest salads I have ever tried!

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