Best Cafes in Scottsdale

One of the most important things you should know about me is that I love my hometown Scottsdale, Arizona. I spent almost all of my life here. I actually didn’t realize how much I loved or missed my hometown till I left for college. This summer I had an internship in Phoenix. During the weekends, I had the chance to explore more parts of my state. Here are a list of coffee shops that I think are a must go.


This cafe shop is located in Old Town Scottsdale and is the perfect place to do work. They have a beautiful patio with a fountains and super comfortable furniture under a ramada. In addition, they have misters all around the patio which makes it possible to study outside without melting during the triple digit summers. They have a range of foods and drinks. I have yet to try their foods but based on their quality of drinks, I’m sure you can’t go wrong. The most unique part about this cafe is their latte art. I have ordered their chai latte several times and each receive different art. Here is one of my favorite ones.


This cafe shop is also located in Old Town Scottsdale. However, the vibe is so much more different. It is significantly smaller than Schmooze. It is covered with bright wallpaper and has several plants in their indoor space. I love their pastries and iced chai (if you can’t tell already, chai is my go to drink). Their mini glazed donuts were to die for.


This is one of my favorite cafes of all time. They signature style is everything with rose petals and rose gold theme. They have two locations with one in Downtown Phoenix and the other in Arcadia. It is worth the drive every time. I have tried their gingerbread latte along with their sakura latte and swiss tea. They even have a drink named Harry Styles. I am also obsessed with their indoor decorations as well. Both of these drinks were taken at their Arcadia location.

I hope this you understand what is so special about cafes in Arizona. If you want to read more about Arizona, please check out the articles on my website!

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